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Tax Liens

Web Lien Disclaimer

The information provided herein has been previously recorded with the appropriate city or town recorder of deeds and is a matter of public record.

The tax lien information provided on this web site should not be relied upon for title search or similar purposes. As an example: Taxpayers who have a recorded lien and have entered into an installment agreement regarding their tax liability do not appear on this list although the lien is still in force. Please refer to recorded liens and discharges at the applicable recorder of deeds office for the current legal status.

This list includes all transactions recorded at the Division of Taxation by the date indicated on the listing. Transactions made subsequent to that date will be reflected in the next updated list. The list will be updated in approximately thirty (30) days.

Please Take Note

Taxpayers who wish to have their names removed from this list should contact the Rhode Island Division of Taxation Compliance & Collections Section at 401-574-8941. The staff will be able to provide the exact payoff figure necessary to release any lien. If the taxpayers are unable to pay in full, they may enter into an installment agreement to satisfy the liability. Such installment agreement will allow us to remove their names from this list even though the lien will remain in force until the liability is paid in full.