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Item Description of Item Workgroup
Abdominal belts An abdominal belt is a brace which places intra-abdominal pressure on the erector spinae and trunk muscles. The belts stiffen the truck muscles and stabilize the lumbar spine. Prosthetic device
Abdominal binders and supports An elastic and Velcro garment that raps around the abdomen and provides compression in the upper and lower abdomen. Binders are commonly prescribed for patients who have undergone surgery in the abdomen area. Binders provide support to surgical areas, improve blood circulation, minimize swelling after a surgical procedure, flushes the body out of potentially harmful liquids, accelerates the healing process. Prosthetic device
Access Ports Port-a-cath Prosthetic device
Acetabular cups An accetabular cup is the part of a hip implant that forms the socket in the ball-and-socket structure of the hip joint. Prosthetic device
Air purifier   Not defined
Anesthesia machines   Durable medical equipment
Ankle brace   Prosthetic device
Anti-embolism stocking Anti-embolism stockings are designed specifically for patients to help prevent blood from pooling in the veins of the leg. Pooling of blood in the veins of the leg may contribute to blood clots forming in the veins. Prosthetic device
Apnea monitors   Durable medical equipment
Aqua K pumps and pads Therapeutic heating or cooling pads or compresses or packs Durable medical equipment
Arch supports A pad worn in shoes to help support the foot arch. Arch supports are prescribed for patients whose own arches do not provide enough natural support to function properly. Use of arch supports can alleviate pain and lead to proper foot function. Prosthetic device
Artificial eyes   Prosthetic device
Artificial heart valves   Prosthetic device
Artificial larynx   Prosthetic device
Artificial limbs   Prosthetic device
Atrial valves   Prosthetic device
Audiology equipment - Diagnostic Audiometers, Acoustic impedance meter/bridge Durable medical equipment
Automatic external defibrillator Portable AED's and cables Durable medical equipment
Auto transfusion equipment   Durable medical equipment
Back braces   Prosthetic device
Bath aid - raised toilet seat   Mobility enhancing equipment
Bath aid - tub and shower stool   Mobility enhancing equipment
Bed pull-up T Bed pull-up is a rope with a handle attached to the base of the bed. The handicapped individual holds the handles to help pull himself to a sitting position or lower himself to recline. This includes Trapeze bars. Mobility enhancing equipment
Beds - Alternating pressure pads To eliminate bed sores Durable medical equipment
Beds - Incubators/Isolettes   Durable medical equipment
Beds - Hospital beds - bassinets A bed used by a medical facility for infants who are too small for a hospital bed Durable medical equipment
Beds - Hospital beds - Beds & accessories/repair parts A single bed with a frame in 3 sections so the head middle or foot can be raised as required Durable medical equipment
Beds - Specialty care   Durable medical equipment
Billie lights Equipment to treat jaundice Durable medical equipment
Birth control (pills and implants)   Drug
Birth control - IUD Two types of IUDs are available in the United States. The copper IUD (ParaGardŽ) causes a change in uterine and tubal fluids so that the egg does not get fertilized. The Progestin IUS (MirenaŽ) has a hormonal method of action: the cervical mucus thickens, preventing the sperm from getting into the uterus and reaching the egg. 21 CFR Ch. I 310.502 (8) Intrauterine device for human use for the purposes of contraception that incorporate heavy metals, drugs, or other active substances. Drug
Blankets   Not defined
Blood pressure equipment - Diagnostic Sphygmomanometer, Cuffs, Bulbs Durable medical equipment
Bone Cement & Wax   Prosthetic device
Bone Pins, Plates, Nails, Screws Implanted or fixated items Prosthetic device
Braces The item appear to normally be used to brace, support, or align the skeletal or muscular system. Prosthetic device
Breast implants   Prosthetic device
Breast prosthesis - external Breast prosthesis "corrective or support device." Prosthetic device
Breast pumps   Not defined
Canes   Mobility enhancing equipment
Cardiology equipment - Diagnostic EKG, 2Equipment - Diagnostic - - Holter Monitor Durable medical equipment
Casts & Casting materials Plaster, casting tapes, resins, fiberglass, silicone, splints, stockinettes, cast boots and shoes Prosthetic device
Catheters PICC line; Hickman, Broviac Prosthetic device
Cauterization equipment Bovie Durable medical equipment
Cervical collars   Prosthetic device
Chair scales   Durable medical equipment
Closed caption devices   Not defined
Cofflator Artificial inhalation equipment Durable medical equipment
Cold packs and Hot packs (reusable)   Not defined
Collagen implants Collagen-based implants and injectables fill in the area where collagen is deficient or depleted and causes regeneration by permitting granulation and vascularization of body tissue that is defective, diseased, traumatized or otherwise aged. In effect, collagen functions as the key structural element in the regeneration of body tissue in alleviating deformity and in wound management. Prosthetic device
Collection bags - Body fluid collection For collection and sending to lab for testing Not defined - medical supply
Collection basins Urinals - Urine containers / Bedpans / Emesis Basins Durable medical equipment
Contact lens solutions   OTC Drug
Contact lenses   Prosthetic device
Contraceptives Creams, foams, and jellies, medicated condoms OTC Drug
Corrective eyeglasses (non prescription)   Prosthetic device
Crash carts - Stocked Braslow carts, Resuscitation carts Durable medical equipment
Crutches   Mobility enhancing equipment
Denture adhesive   Not defined
Denture cleaners   Grooming & Hygiene
Drainage catheters Hollow tubes that are temporarily placed in the patient to eliminate fluid. Prosthetic device
Drainage catheters - Urinary Foley Prosthetic device
Drainage drains Penrose Prosthetic device
Drainage shunts   Prosthetic device
Drugs - Contrast media Visipaque, radiopaques Drug
Drugs - Over-the-counter Benadryl, Aspirin, Betadine OTC Drug
Drugs - Prescription (Legend) Federal legend drugs including biologicals Drug
Drugs - Radioactive isotopes Implanted seeds Drug
Ear, Nose & Throat implants Any item that is implanted in the ear, nose or throat. Prosthetic device
Eating utensils - Adjustable   Not defined
EEG   Durable medical equipment
Exam tables   Durable medical equipment
Eyeglasses (prescription)   Prosthetic device
Fever thermometers - Disposable/SPU   Not defined
Fever thermometers - Reusable Thermometers, related parts Durable medical equipment
Foley catheter The Foley catheter is an indwelling urinary catheter retained in the bladder by a balloon inflated with air or liquid. Separate lumens are incorporated within the round shaft of the catheter for drainage of urine, inflation, and introduction of irrigating solutions into the Bladder. Prosthetic device
Gases - Medical grade Nitrous Oxide Drug
Gases - Medical grade Oxygen Drug
Glucose meters Blood sugar monitor Durable medical equipment
Grafts Vascular, Dacron Prosthetic device
Handrails & Grab Bars Hand rails and grab bars "to assist in rising from commode, tub or shower". Mobility enhancing equipment
Hands & Feet implants   Prosthetic device
Head halters   Prosthetic device
Hearing aids Hearing aid batteries are considered parts of hearing aids Prosthetic device
Heat lamps Medical heat lamps are used to generate heat over a confined and controlled area. Heat lamps are prescribed for patients whose bodies are unable to properly regulate their temperatures (i.e., a premature infant) or patients suffering from disease or illness who benefit from controlled doses of ultra violet radiation. Durable medical equipment
Hip & Knee implants Prosthetic device
Hydrogen peroxide   OTC Drug
Insulin pump Devices worn in or on the body that delivers measured does of insulin to the uncontrolled diabetic. Prosthetic device
Intravenous stands   Durable medical equipment
IV Poles IV Poles - stretcher, bed, rolling, etc. Durable medical equipment
IV Therapy arm boards-Disposable   Not defined - medical supply
IV Therapy arm boards-Reusable   Durable medical equipment
Kinetic Therapy beds Kinetic Therapy is the continuous side to side rotation of the patient. The Kinetic Therapy beds are designed to address complications associated with immobility which include complications resulting from pulmonary and circulatory problems. Durable medical equipment
Knee immobilizers   Prosthetic device
Laboratory equipment Microscopes, incubators, refrigerators, centrifuges Not defined
Lift chairs and replacement parts Lift chairs and replacement parts; A lift chair is an electrical chair that raises the person to a standing position and lowers the person from a standing position to a sitting position. This item is used when the handicap individual's natural ability to raise or lower himself is either totally or partially impaired. Mobility enhancing equipment
Lithotripters   Durable medical equipment
Mammography equipment - Diagnostic   Durable medical equipment
Mastectomy surgical bra Device for support after corrective surgery or for support. Prosthetic device
Membranes implants Neuro, Spinal, Joint Prosthetic device
Monitors - Stationary Remote equipment at nurses station to monitor equipment in patient's rooms. Durable medical equipment
MRI/CT Non-Ferrous equipment, etc Durable medical equipment
Needles & Syringes - Acupuncture needles (Reusable)   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Aspirating   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Biopsy   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Blood Draw/Access   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Hypodermic   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Hypodermic - Insulin   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles - Not Inject/Drain Parts to machines Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Needles/Syringe Packaged Together   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Syringe - Cannula Package Interlink System -- Separate Needle-less infusion device from IV sets - Stand alone items Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Syringes   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Syringes - Insulin   Not defined - medical supply
Needles & Syringes - Syringes - Not Inject/Drain Irrigation (Toomey), oral and ear Not defined - medical supply
Ocular implants Intra ocular and cataract Prosthetic device
Ophthalmoscopes For the eye Durable medical equipment
Orbital implants   Prosthetic device
Orthobiologics implants Processed Human bone Prosthetic device
Orthopedic shoes, shoe lifts, inserts, arch supports, heel protector   Prosthetic device
Ostomy Products - See Breakout below: Colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy, urological  
Ostomy - Adhesives Cement, liquid adhesive, disc tape, gasket sealer  Prosthetic device
Ostomy - Barriers Barrier wafer, barrier seal ring, barrier protective film, barrier paste,barrier stomahesive Prosthetic device
Ostomy - Barriers Barrier prep wipes, barrier powder Not defined
Ostomy - Catheter Catheter & Catheter leg strap Prosthetic device
Ostomy - Cleaners / Skin Prep Skin prep peri-wash, ostomy cleanser, cleanser deodorants, adhesive remover Not defined
Ostomy - Collection leg bag & pouches Leg bags, Drain bags, Pouches Prosthetic device
Ostomy - Drain tube and valve   Prosthetic device
Ostomy - Lubricants Lubricants, lubricant jelly, stoma lubricant  Not defined
Ostomy - Other Irrigation set Durable medical equipment
Ostomy - Other Stoma cap, tubing, belt, hernia belt Prosthetic device
Otoscopes For the ear Durable medical equipment
Over bed table and tray   Durable medical equipment
Pacemaker Devices that replace all or part of an internal body organ or replace all or part of the function of a permanently inoperative or malfunctioning internal body organ. Prosthetic device
Pacemakers & Leads   Prosthetic device
Patient lift Hydraulic or electric lift used to raise and transfer patient from bed to chair, wheelchair, commode or bathtub. Mobility enhancing equipment
Patient positioners   Durable medical equipment
Percussor Vibrating machine used to break up tenacious secretions in patients (who are) unable to cough effectively. Durable medical equipment
Platelet separator Platelet sequestration, cell savers Durable medical equipment
Povidone Iodine (PVP)   OTC Drug
Pressure garments Edema gloves, mast pants, burn garments Prosthetic device
Pressure reduction therapy beds Pressure Reduction Therapy is used primarily in the treatment of pressure ulcerations, severe burns, skin graphs and open wounds resulting from massive trauma. These beds provide redistribution of the patient's weight and reduction in surface interface pressures, thereby maintaining proper blood flow. The beds included in this group are comprised of a series of cushions that are fed by a manifold that is attached to a blower or motor that pushes air through the cushions. This treatment also helps to prevent the development of additional pressure ulcerations and helps to provided wound infection control. Patients suffering from long-term immobility suffer from increased pressure between the skin and the support surface on which they are placed. This pressure causes the compression of the patient's tissues between the support surface and the patient's bone resulting in the reduction of blood flow to the affected areas. After a period of time, generally a matter of minutes, toxins and chemical wastes produced by the body's tissues along with oxygen deprivation result in the necrosis or death of the affected tissues. Durable medical equipment
Programmable Drug Infusion Device Isomed, Synchromed Prosthetic device
Programmable drug infusion pump IVAC, PCA, Level I infuser Durable medical equipment
Radiology equipment - Diagnostic X-Ray, Lead shields, lead garments Durable medical equipment
Resp.-Pulse oximetry equipment Pulse oximeters, blood parameter monitors Durable medical equipment
Respiratory equipment ABG machines, blood gas analyzer Durable medical equipment
Respiratory Humidifier An O2 humidifier is a specialty humidifier which connects to a patients O2 equipment and mixes moist air with the O2. The humidifiers do not work as stand alone equipment and must be connected to O2 equipment. The humidifiers are prescribed for patients suffering from dry nose or throat. Humidifiers add moisture to the air and help relieve dry nose, dry throat, dry skin or lips. Humidifiers may produce cold or hot mists. Humidifiers are commonly prescribed for patients with respiratory illnesses or diseases. Durable medical equipment
Resuscitators - Disposable   Not defined
Resuscitators - Reusable   Durable medical equipment
Rubbing Alcohol   OTC Drug
Safety equipment Goggles, shields Not defined
Scooters & Transporters   Mobility enhancing equipment
Scopes & Lasers Endoscope, etc. Durable medical equipment
Seprafilm Seprafilm is a unique bioresorbable membrane that serves as a barrier to separate opposing tissue within the body. The use of Seprafilm significantly reduces the incidence, severity, and extent of post-surgical adhesions which are a natural consequence of surgery and lead to serious postoperative complications. Seprafilm is inserted prior to closure of the wound to prevent the adhesion of two surfaces of tissue. Post-surgical adhesions can occur after both open and laproscopic surgery. They result from the normal process of tissue repair and form when tissue surfaces that are usually separated become united. The complications resulting from adhesion vary depending on the type of surgery involved, and can include bowel obstruction, infertility, and difficulty in reoperative procedures. Due to the serious nature of the complications, it is an important objective to reduce the occurrence of adhesion. Prosthetic device
Shoes - Post operative   Prosthetic device
Shoulder & Elbows implants   Prosthetic device
Sitz bath   Not defined
Skin implants - Synthetic   Prosthetic device
Sling scales   Durable medical equipment
Slings   Prosthetic device
Specialty chairs Specialty chairs are wheelchairs adapted for specific uses or functions. Examples are all terrain wheelchairs and pool wheelchairs. Mobility enhancing equipment
Sphincters   Prosthetic device
Splint & Splint materials   Prosthetic device
Stents Billiary, coronary, urinary and other Prosthetic device
Stents Maintain the natural opening in the body. It is implanted into the body. Prosthetic device
Sterilizers - Chemical   Not defined - medical supply
Stethoscope   Durable medical equipment
Stirrups   Durable medical equipment
Stretchers   Durable medical equipment
Stump shrinker   Prosthetic device
Suction regulators   Durable medical equipment
Surgical Mesh implants Marlex Prosthetic device
Surgical tables   Durable medical equipment
Tendon implants   Prosthetic device
Testicular & Penile implants   Prosthetic device
Therapy - Cold Cold compression Not defined - medical supply
Therapy - Heat Heat warmers Not defined - medical supply
Tongue depressors   Not defined - medical supply
Trachea tubes   Prosthetic device
Traction Devices - on the body Cervical, pelvic Prosthetic device
Traction equipment Traction equipment "used for therapy in the treatment of orthopedic diagnosis involving the skeletal system". Durable medical equipment
Transducer gel   Not defined - medical supply
Transfer belts Belt that fits around waist of patient - to assist in the transfer of patients Mobility enhancing equipment
Transfer benches   Mobility enhancing equipment
Trusses   Prosthetic device
Ultrasound equipment Ultrasound Probes, Ultrasound Transducers, Mini doppler Durable medical equipment
Vaccines   Drug
Vaporizers   Durable medical equipment
Vena Cava Filter Inserted into a patient's body and becomes a permanent part of the vena cava wall - traps blood clots Prosthetic device
Venous blood sets   Not defined
Walkers   Mobility enhancing equipment
Wheelchair ramps Tangible Personal Property only, building materials such as wood or concrete are not included in this item. Mobility enhancing equipment
Wheelchairs   Mobility enhancing equipment
X-Ray developer solution   Not defined - medical supply
X-Ray equipment   Durable medical equipment
Abduction, cervical and orthodic pillows   Durable medical equipment
Anesthesia Ventilators The anesthesia ventilators are used to ventilate the lungs by mechanically inflating and deflating the lungs during surgery to aid the patient to breath during surgery. The ventilation of the lungs is the primary function of the device. The secondary function is to push through the patient's blood. These machines permit the patient to breathe when one is incapable of doing so on one's own. The device can be built into an anesthesia machine, or it can stand alone. Durable medical equipment
Anti-Thrombolytic Pumps   Durable medical equipment
Bed - kodel pad Bed pad made from kodel polyester and used on beds to help decrease pressure on the skin. Kodel pads are prescribed for patients with limited mobility and help prevent open sores in bed bound individuals. The pads are machine washable (reusable) but are limited to a single patient due to difficulty in sterilization for others Durable medical equipment
Bed pads - Disposable - for incontinent patients Disposable pad placed on beds to keep sheets dry and wick moisture away from the patient. Used for incontinent patients. Not defined
Bed pads - Blanket Cradle A blanket cradle is a steel device that fits under the mattress and is used to lift the bed sheets and blankets off the bed so that the patient is able to remain warm without bearing the weight of the sheets and blankets. Cradles are prescribed for patients with painful wound or broken bones Durable medical equipment
Bone Growth Stimulator - External - Not Worn   Durable medical equipment
Bone Growth Stimulator - External - Worn   Prosthetic device
Bone Growth Stimulator - Implanted Stimulator - Bone Prosthetic device
C.P.A. P. - Not Worn C.P.A.P. "continuous positive pressure on the airway, used to correct obstructive sleep apnea" Durable medical equipment
C.P.A. P. - Worn C.P.AP "continuous positive pressure on the airway, used to correct obstructive sleep apnea" Prosthetic device
Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine also known as perfusion equipment, heart lung machine, bypass machine Durable medical equipment
Cochlea Implant A cochlear implant by passes the damaged part of the ear and sends sound directly to the auditory (hearing) nerve. It is different from a hearing aid in that it doesn't make sounds louder Prosthetic device
Commodes Versatile model serves as toilet safety frame, raised toilet seat, or stationary commode for use outside the bathroom. Features snap-on seat and lid, splash shield, removable backrest with wing nuts, nonskid rubber tips, and armrests for added comfort. Durable medical equipment
Continuous Passive Motion Devices Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices are a controlled treatment modality used to provide early, gentle motion of the upper or lower limb following a surgical procedure. Durable medical equipment
Cotton Swabs - Medicated - OTC Non Legend Drug OTC Drug
Cotton Swabs - Medicated - RX Legend Drug Drug
Defibrillator & Leads - Implanted Sends electric signals to a heart that's beating too slow; same as a pacemaker. It can also deliver an electric shock to help restore a normal heartbeat to a heart that's beating chaotically and too fast. Cardiac defibrillation is a way to return and abnormal heartbeat to normal. Prosthetic device
Dermal fillers - Injectables Dermal fillers are prescription - only injectable substance comprised of collagen (human or bovine) or hyaluronic acid that are used to treat a variety of skin contour defects, as well as stress urinary incontinence, facial lipoatrophy (loss of subcutaneous fat) resulting from disease and perlèche, a condition where deep cracks and splits from at the corners of the mouth that can bleed when the mouth is opened. Collagen is a protein that appears throughout the body in skin, connective tissue, cartilage and bone. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide (a forms of complex carbohydrate) that is found in many tissues of the body such as skin, cartilage, and the vitreous humor (center of the eyeball). Drug
Dialysis Bags - Peritoneal Dialysis Drain   Not defined
Dialysis Catheters - Hemodialysis   Prosthetic Device
Dialysis Catheters - Peritoneal   Prosthetic Device
Dialysis Control Media Used to calibrate machine before use or to verify test results Not defined
Dialysis Dialysate Solution   Drug
Dialyzers - Single Patient - Multiple Use A dialyzer is an artificial kidney designed to provide controllable transfer of solutes and water across a semi permeable membrane separating flowing blood and dialysate streams. The transfer processes are diffusion (dialysis) and convection (ultra filtration). There are three basic dialyzer designs: coil, parallel plate, and hollow fiber configurations. filter that is incorporated in machine Durable medical equipment
Dialyzers - Single Use A dialyzer is an artificial kidney designed to provide controllable transfer of solutes and water across a semi permeable membrane separating flowing blood and dialysate streams. The transfer processes are diffusion (dialysis) and convection (ultra filtration). There are three basic dialyzer designs: coil, parallel plate, and hollow fiber configurations. filter that is incorporated in machine Not defined
Diapers - Adults Incontinence Clothing
Diapers - Infant   Clothing
Dressings - Compression - Non Medicated Ace Bandages Not defined
Dressings - Elastic - Non Medicated Non-Ace bandages to hold dressings Not defined
Dressings - Gauze Wraps Tube gauze, Gauze Wraps Not defined
Dressings - General Pads, sponges, tapes and adherents, elastic, compression, gauze Not defined
Dressings - Medicated - OTC Elastic, Compression, Gauze Wraps OTC Drug
Dressings - Medicated - RX Elastic, Compression, Gauze Wraps Drug
Dressings - Non-Medicated Dressings containing a substance which is neither a RX or OTC drug Not defined
Dressings - Wound Care - Skin Barrier Products Sprays, cream Not defined
Drugs - Solutions - Ad Mixture Sterile Water, 1cc, 5cc, 10cc vials, Sterile Normal Saline (.9%) - 1cc, 5cc, 10cc vials Drug
Drugs - Solutions - Irrigation Sterile Water, Sterile Normal Saline (.9%) - larger volumes such as liter bottles, or large volume infusion bags Drug
Drugs - Solutions - IV Does not include tubing, administration sets, needles, etc., Normal Saline - .9%, Equipment - Diagnostic 5%, .33%, D5W, etc. Drug
Feeding Systems - Feeding Bags - Enteral - Disposable Enteral bags are sold separately from the food and are used for individuals who are fed enteral formula either through a tube or catheter. The bags are used generally for up to a 24 hour period which will encompass numerous feedings and are then disposed Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Feeding Connectors - Enteral Locks, clamps, connectors Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Feeding Tubing - Enteral Nasal - The tubing may be used for several days and connects the pump to the patient's entry site. Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Nutrition - Enteral Nutritional Formulas - Including drug facts box OTC Drug
Feeding Systems - Nutrition - Enteral Nutritional Formulas - No drug facts box Food
Feeding Systems - pumps and IV stands - Enteral Enteral pumps and IV stands are items used to administer nutrition given to the patient through a tube that is inserted into the stomach or small intestine Durable medical equipment
Feeding systems - Feeding Plugs The plug is used to prevent accidental disconnection of the pump from the stomach tube (G tube). The plug is reusable by the patient but is not used for others Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Feeding Catheters   Prosthetic device
Feeding Systems - Feeding Bags - Disposable- Parenteral Parenteral bags are sold separately from the contents and are used for individuals who are unable to consume food through normal means and require nutrition (fluids, fats, vitamins & drugs) being administered by intravenously through an IV pump. The bags are used for up to a 24 hour period and are then disposed Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Feeding Connectors - Parenteral Locks, Clamps, Connectors Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Feeding Tubing - Parenteral The tubing may be used for several days and connects the pump to the patient's entry site Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Pumps and IV stands - Parenteral Parenteral pumps and IV stands are items used to administer total parenteral nutrition ("TPN") products. TPN is therapy used by patients who could no longer ingest or digest solid foods. Usually this condition is a result of removal of a large portion of the intestine. TPN products are delivered intravenously. The IV stand and pump are necessary for the parenteral nutrition system to work properly. Durable medical equipment
Feeding Systems - Nutrition - Parenteral Nutritional formulas - all on prescription Drug
First aid products and kits   Bundling Determination
Gases - Medical Grade Air, carbon Dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen Drug
Gases - Non-Medical Grade   Not defined
Gases - Tanks for Empty - Tanks only Not defined
Gastric Bands Gastric bands are used to correct morbid obesity in patients that re generally unable to regulate their caloric intake. They are prescription-only implanted devices that are placed around the top portion of the stomach via a minimally invasive "keyhole" or laproscopic surgical procedure. The placement of the band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach that holds a volume of approximately 50 milliliters. The pouch fills quickly with food and also slows the passage of partially digested food from the top to the bottom of the stomach. As the upper part of the stomach believes it is "full" or satiated, the message to the brain is that the stomach is full and this sensation of satiation helps the person to eat smaller portions, eat less and therefore lose weight over time. Prosthetic device
Glucose for Insulin Reactions Tablets, liquid Not defined
ICD / Pacemaker Programmer Used of implant able device Durable medical equipment
Implanted Expander - Tissue & Breast Tissue expanders are prescription-only implanted devices that are used to stimulate the growth of new skin. The expander consists of a silicone inflatable balloon implanted in a pocket created beneath the skin. Once inserted into the pocket, the incision is closed with sutures. The expander device includes a small tube and a self-sealing valve, which allows the surgeon to gradually fill the expander percutaneously (through the skin) with saline solution over a period of several weeks or months. While most commonly used in conjunction with breast reconstruction following a mastectomy (cancerous breast removal) procedure, tissue expanders are also used to facilitate replacement skin that has been compromised due to the presence of certain skin cancers, as well as to repair skin damaged by birth defects, accidents or surgery. In certain instances, the expander remains in the body indefinitely, particularly in the case of certain types of breast reconstruction procedures. Prosthetic device
Infra-red lamps and bulbs Infrared lamps and bulbs are used for heat therapy, for example to promote wound healing or help reduce muscle spasms durable medical equipment
Infuser Bags Pressure Infuser bags - used to administer intravenous fluids under pressure at any angle to patients in pre-hospital or emergency room setting - disposable Not defined
Infuser Pumps - Worn Pressure Infuser pump - used to administer intravenous fluids under pressure at any angle to patients in pre-hospital or emergency room settings. Prosthetic device
Insulin Regular Insulin - injectable, NPH Insulin - injectable Drug
Insulin Pump   Prosthetic Pump
Intra aortic balloon pump (IABP) The IABP is a long tube (catheter) with a collapsed, 8 inch, sausage-shaped plastic balloon at its tip. The catheter is inserted in any artery in your groin. You will be given a shot to numb the area where the tube is inserted, but you will remain awake. Durable medical equipment
Intra gastric Balloons Intra gastric balloons are prescription-only implanted devices used to induce weight loss in morbidly obese patients. The balloon device is inserted through the esophagus and into the stomach as part of an endoscopic procedure by using a placement catheter. After positioning the device in the stomach, the balloon is inflated by introducing saline solution solution through the placement catheter. Once filled, the catheter is removed. the balloon has a self-sealing valve and remains inflated in the stomach. Weight loss is achieved as the balloon displaces a certain volume in the stomach (typically 400 to 700 cc's), to induce the feeling of fullness and support patients in reducing food intake. Prosthetic device
IV Therapy Tourniquets - SPU Disposable Not defined
Kidney dialysis machines and associated parts Dialysis is a treatment that removes waster and excess fluid from the blood. Hemodialysis circulates blood through the dialyzer (filter) with a machine controlling the function. In Peritoneal Dialysis the abdominal cavity is filled with dialysate which remove waste and then after several hours is drained out. Durable medical equipment
Maxillofacial Devices - Implanted Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a subspecialty of Prosthodontics. Specially trained experts seek to correct defects in the maxillofacial area (area of the head, face or jaw), resulting from tumors, cancer surgery, traumatic injuries and birth defects. Prostheses are made of human tissue or artificial materials, and include eyes, ears, noses and special devices to improve speech and swallowing. Prosthetic device
Medical atomizers - Disposable . An atomizer that gives controlled delivery of topical anesthetics and other drugs. Used primarily for nasal or oral drug delivery. This version of atomizers is disposable Not defined
Medical atomizers - Reusable An atomizer that gives controlled delivery of topical anesthetics and other drugs. Used primarily for nasal or oral drug delivery. This version of atomizers is reusable. Durable medical equipment
Medical instruments - Disposable Clamps, drills, endolinear cutter, forceps, retractors, scalpels, reamers, scissors, trocar Not defined
Medical instruments - Reusable Clamps, drills, forceps, retractors, scalpels, reamers, scissors Durable medical equipment
Medical kits, trays, and packs Bundling issue Bundling Determination
Mobility Enhancing Car Seats Car seats that provide restraint and support systems (five point harnesses) for disabled children who have outgrown standard size child car seats but still need the restraint and support provided by car seats Mobility enhancing equipment
Needle less Drug Delivery System - Injection Guns Reusable Durable medical equipment
Needle less Drug Delivery System - Injection Guns Disposable Not Defined
Needles - Wound Closure - Suturing Disposable Not Defined
Needles & Syringe - Drug Filled   Bundling Determination
Nerve Stimulators - Implanted with Leads Stimulator- Nerve & Leads- For pain and non pain - Used to treat epilepsy, Parkinson, Incontinence Prosthetic Device
Nerve Stimulators - Programmer Nerve Stimulator - Nerve & Leads - used for implant able device Durable medical equipment
Oxygen Delivery - Respiratory Equipment   Durable medical equipment
Oxygen Tents / Bed   Durable medical equipment
Pacemaker - Not Implanted - Not Worn This pacemaker is completely external and is connected to a device which is not worn in or on the body Durable medical equipment
Pacemaker - Not Implanted - Worn This pacemaker has leads guided into the heart through an incision in the neck or chest with the external generator worn on the body in a small patch and the device fits in a pocket Prosthetic device
Pacemaker Transmitter   Durable medical equipment
Paraffin wax Wax used in paraffin baths. Paraffin heat therapy provides moist heat to warm joints tissue and skin. Used in the treatment of arthritis and joint injuries Not defined
Penile Pump External vacuum system that restores sexual function in impotent men. System includes a pump and constriction rings. The pumps fits over the penis and assists men in achieving erections. Once erection is achieved, a constriction ring is placed on the penis to sustain the erection. Prosthetic device
Physical Therapy - Equipment and Tools Exerbands, weights, bikes, treadmills, rowers, parallel bars from #212 Not defined
Respiratory - Nebulizer   Durable medical equipment
Respiratory Bags- Resuscitation A flexible air chamber, about the size of an American football, attached to a face mask via a shutter valve. When the air chamber or "bag" is squeezed, the device forces air into the patient's lungs; when the bag is released, it self-inflates, drawing in ambient air. Durable medical equipment
Respiratory Equipment - Not Oxygen Delivery Equipment used in respiratory treatments excluding items used to deliver oxygen; such as sensors; analyzers Durable medical equipment
Salem sump with anti-reflux valve The Salem sump is a tube which is inserted in the nose and runs into the stomach. It is primarily used to remove the contents of the stomach. It can also be used to instill liquid food or other substances into the stomach. filling and emptying the stomach are functions of the body. Prosthetic device
Seat Cushions- comfort   Not defined
Skin closures These are called butterfly bandages, steri-strips, cover strips, or suture strips are variations of sterile adhesive skin closures designed to hold the edges of a skin wound together Not defined
Sleeves - Compression Compression sleeves are prescribed for individuals with swollen limbs. The sleeves compress swollen tissues and top fluid buildup. The compression sleeves also provide support for the muscles so that they pump fluid away from the are more effectively. Prosthetic device
Spas, hot or cold Spas which are available for sale to the general public and not specifically manufactured for medical purposes Not defined
Speech aids - Electronic worn Prosthetic device
Speech aids - Electronic Hand-held, non-worn vibrator which is pressed against the neck of face so that vibrations transmit into the airway Durable medical equipment
Staple Remover - Wound Closure Disposable Not defined
Stapler - Empty - one use only   not defined
Stapler - Empty - reusable   Durable medical equipment
Stapler - Preloaded - Non re loadable one use Bundling Determination
Stapler - Preloaded - Re loadable - SPU   Bundling determination
Staples, Sutures and Suture Alternatives Use to hold skin, internal organs, blood vessels and all other tissues of the human body together, after they have been severed by injury or surgery, Example is absorbable hemostat. Prosthetic device
Stents implanted through Endoscopy a stent is mounted on an angioplasty balloon in order for it to be delivered to the diseased area for deployed. The balloon is inflated, and the stent along with it. When the balloon is deflated and withdrawn, the stent remains in place, serving as a permanent scaffolding for the newly widened artery. Prosthetic device
Stockings - compression Used to relieve the discomfort of varicose veins, venous statis, post schlerotheray and deep vein thrombosis Prosthetic device
Suction catheter This catheter is used for the removal of respiratory tract secretions. The catheter is inserted through tracheal and tracheostomy tubes. Four eyes ar the catheter's tip serve as vacuum breakers to help prevent tissue from being pulled into the tube. Since suctioning remove the patient's air supply, suction should not exceed 10 seconds duration. suction catheters are intended for single use only. Not defined
Surgical Laser Devices   Durable medical equipment
Suspensories Male suspensories are designed to isolate and support the testicles. Suspensories are used after vasectomies, injuries or in cases of disease. Used to reduce pain and swelling in the scrotum Prosthetic device
Swivel seats The swivel seats enables a handicapped person to rotate his/her body, while seated, in order to get into position to rise from a chair Mobility enhancing equipment
Tens units - not worn Equipment used to stimulate the muscles to prevent atrophy. This version is not worn. durable medical equipment
Tens units - worn Equipment used to stimulate the muscles to prevent atrophy. This version is worn. Prosthetic device
Tourniquet - Non-Pneumatic A tourniquet is a tightly tied band applied around a body part (an arm or a leg) sometimes used in an attempt to stop severe traumatic bleeding. These are reusable. Durable medical equipment
Tourniquet - Pneumatic Broad band of fabric with inflatable bladder, connected on one side to an inflation bulb and the other to a manometer for measuring blood pressure Durable medical equipment
Tracheostomy Speaking Valve The speaking valve is a button like piece of equipment that is placed on the outer hub of the tracheostomy tube. The one-way valve opens to let air in through the tracheostomy when the patient inspires. The valve closes during expiration, causing the air to follow the normal route of expiration and permitting speech Prosthetic device
Visually impaired Supplies & Equipment - Other   Not defined
Wheelchair Cushions - Brace/Support Not attached Does not become a component part of the wheelchair itself Durable medical equipment
Whirlpools (portable, over the tub type devices only) Not available for sale to the general public, specifically manufactured foe medical purpose Durable medical equipment
Wound Closure Needles - Suturing w/Thread   Bundling Determination