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2015 Personal Income Tax Forms

  • All forms supplied by the Division of Taxation are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format
  • To have forms mailed to you, please call (401) 574-8970
  • Items listed below can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate column heading
  • Personal income tax forms contain a 1D barcode. Please use Internet Explorer to get the best results when downloading a form. Firefox users will need to change their Portable Document Format to allow the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Forms are available in two ways. You can either print the form out and complete it by hand, or click on the fillable PDF version in order to enter information on the form itself, and then print your completed form out.
Personal Income Tax Forms
Document Description
Print Form & Handprint
Fillable PDF
1040 Resident Resident Return Only
1040 Resident Resident Instructions Only
1040H Property Tax Relief Claim
1040MU Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple)
1040X-R Amended Rhode Island Resident Return
1040X-R Amended Rhode Island Resident Return Instructions
1040NR Nonresident (Part-Year) Return Only
1040NR Nonresident (Part-Year) Instructions Only
1040NR Schedule II - Nonresident Tax Calculation
1040NR Schedule III - Part-Year Resident Tax Calculation
1040MUNR PART YEAR RESIDENT Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple)
1040X-NR Amended Rhode Island Nonresident Income Tax Return
1040X-NR Amended Rhode Island Nonresident Return Instructions
Deduction Standard Deduction Worksheet for AGI over $192,700
Exemption Exemption Worksheet for AGI over $192,700
Schedule CR Schedule CR - Other Rhode Island Credits
Schedule M Schedule M - Rhode Island Modifications to Federal AGI
Schedule U Schedule U - Individual Consumer's Use Tax
Schedule W Schedule W - Rhode Island W-2 and 1099 Information
1040V Resident/Nonresident Return Payment Voucher - USE IF YOU OWE TAX
1040ES/Instr 2016 1040 Estimated Tax Return with Instructions
1310 Refund Claim - Deceased Taxpayer
2210 Underpayment of Estimate
2210A 2210 Shortcut Method
2848 Power of Attorney
4868 Application for Automatic Extension
4506 Request for Copy of Income Tax Return
Tax Tables 2015 Tax Tables
Tax Rate Sch 2015 Tax Rate Schedule
RI-6238 Rhode Island Residential Lead Abatement Income Tax Credit