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  • For information about Rhode Island's tax amnesty program, click here. If you're planning to visit our office regarding amnesty, you can make a reservation online first -- click here. For information on extended hours, click here.

Office Hours - Division of Taxation

  • Normally open to public 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. business days.
  • Extended hours for amnesty: Click here.

Free File - Rhode Island

You may qualify to prepare and file your federal and Rhode Island resident personal income tax returns online at no charge. Check here for details.

Scam alert for taxpayers, tax preparers

Scam involves someone impersonating Division of Taxation employee . Click here.

Latest tax news

Guide to tax break on income from pensions, 401(k) plans, annuities.

• For information on non-collecting retailers, click here.

• For "Summary of Legislative Changes", click here.

• Pay your tax by credit card or debit card. Click here for new details.

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